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Development so far

March 6, 2013

Our short has a very dark and psychotic feel about it, making it more of a thriller than a drama, which it originally is, the piece is set to be filmed in the photography suite directly below the basement as it is a completely white room which we feel we can use to our advantage to create the genre we have assigned ourselves. By using a white room we can play with the ideas of simple stills photography and film to create a good short. We can take advantage of the shadows that will be created and use a lack of clutter in shots to show that the characters are of main importance as appose to the scene.

We plan to use a few props such as a child’s mobile, a bed and maybe a cot and a few chairs to show how simple there lives off and how this completely correlates to Amy’s mental problems. The final shot is going to be of Amy repeatedly dropping the baby and picking it up as well as repeating her last line at which point it becomes apparent to a possible audience that Amy and Tom are one person, it is both sides to Amy’s conscience in a way, Tom becomes the voice of reason in Amy’s head as appose to a tangible, physical character.


“Hans Peter Feldmann’s cushion on a pedestal, this photograph, art piece uses a beige cushion as the only colour, which still manages to stand out against the most neutral of grey and white backgrounds.”


Taken from the institute of modern arts page, I feel that this picture shows so much emotion compared to how simplistic the picture is, we cannot even see a small percentage of the women’s face however we feel a lot through the picture.


“Gordon Matta-Clark (June 22, 1943– August 27, 1978) was an American Artist best known for his site-specific artworks he made in the 1970s. He is famous for his “building cuts,” a series of works in abandoned buildings in which he variously removed sections of floors, ceilings, and walls.” I feel like this photo has incredibly good use of lighting and the colour white.


The film ‘pyscho’ (Alfred Hitchcock) uses black and white in the similar eery manor we are looking at for our short. The way Hitchcock creates the mysterious crazy eyes and features of Norman Bates without any form of colour or interest is Boggling.

5 6

White Washed Window in Paris – Cecil Touchon Photograph – 8 x 10 inches


For the Stills photography of our short film, we could look at sillhouetting as well as maybe using this for the film aspect as well, as I feel it would work well with the eery simplistic style we are trying to create.

8 9

Lucinda Devlins Omega series highlights the exact style I would like to take influence from when creating our short from citizenship.




Uta Barth Also has a similar style and feels relevant to what we are trying to achieve in our short piece.



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