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Mark Ravenhill Oeuvre

February 28, 2013

Our group researched the works and productions of Mark Ravenhill, including personal bio’s and current projects.
Below is the information presented in our slideshow illustrating our understanding of his influences, work ethos and what drives him.


•Mark Ravenhill is an English actor, journalist and most notably, a playwright.
•Ravenhill has several renowned plays; including Shopping & Fucking (1996), Some Explicit Polaroid’s (1999) and Mother Clap’s Molly House (2001), and his work is recognised on an international level.
•Handbag won Evening Standard Promising Playwright Award in 1998.
•Ravenhill’s acting debut was of his own monologue, Product, at Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2005.
•He was brought in as a part of the advisory team for the National Theatre following Nicholas Hytner’s took on the position of artistic director.


•Mark Ravenhill’s style across the plays he has constructed over the last 20 years follow similar fields which reflect strongly over his life struggles.
•He’s noticed as one of three playwrights in a genre of ‘in-yer-face’ theatre, that emerged in Britain in the early 90’s. His style of direct, to the point dialogue is well-revered in this.
•Ravenhill’s style is direct and honest, taking events from his own life and expressing this on stage. A good example would be Ghost Story (2010), a satire of the positive thinking movement and a moving story of a woman’s battle of illness. It’s set in a time where time itself is fluid and people can talk to the dead. This reflects the turn of events from his struggle with HIV and the loss of his partner in the early 1990’s.


Fist (1995)

Shopping and Fucking (1996)

Faust Is Dead (1997)

Sleeping Around (1998)

Handbag (1998)

Some Explicit Polaroids (1999)

Mother Clap’s Molly House (2000)

Feed Me (Radio Play) (2000)

Totally Over You (2003)

Education (2004)

Citizenship (2005)

Product (2005)

The Cut (2006)

Pool (No Water) (2006)

Ravenhill For Breakfast (2007)

Scenes From Family Life (2007)

Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat (2008)

Over There (2009)

The Experiment (2009)

Ten Plagues (2011)



The Coronation of Poppea Monteverdi (2011)



Black Cab (TV Series, 2000)

Al cuore (short, 2002)

National Theatre Live (TV series, 2010)

Playhouse: Live “Ghost Story” (TV Series, 2010)

Vicious (TV Series, 2013)

Bette Bourne (a project for the Gay & Lesbian Film Festival)

Mark Ravenhill is now in his second year of residence at the RSC, Royal Shakespeare Company (BBC News).

Ravenhill did a remediation of Terry Pratchett’s  novel Nation, in 2010.

He also adapted and translated Bertolt Brecht’s play, A Life of Galileo, in 2013.


Bertolt Brecht (Brechtian theatre)

Caryl Churchill’s


William Shakespeare



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