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Location, Location, Location

February 28, 2013


Probably one of the most influential parts of our short film sequence. We had two initial ideas, which after time have slowly been more focused on the stronger of the two. Below are small screens of our ideas and why we feel they would work well with our script.


White room, we felt that given the nature of the Schizophrenia, this space would act well as a neutral ground to have both characters appear in one place without concentrating to much on the realism of it. We have even discussed a monochrome effect with this to separate whats real and what is in our character Amy’s head. This idea is still be discussed, but is our favorite.


The idea of using a doctors room, surgery set up would help us describe the mental and medical condition of Amy more suggestively than being metaphorical when using white space. The only issues we have had with this concept is finding a room or replicating something on such a low budget. Having said that the idea appeals still as its a good space to get a clinical feel.

The idea for the white room is definitely our stronger point of focus as we can use objects and signifiers to engage the audience and create subtle gestures within our production to help strengthen parts of the script or make shots more dynamic.


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